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How to open multi screen of JX2 game?

Previous post, was mentioning about download bot program for JX2, and did mention about some player have multiple account opens at the same time at the same pc. It wasn't a bot actually, for what i learned. One of the player did mention on having multiple screen of JX2 in the same PC, but you have to open up a few accounts to do so and not to create all 3 characters in one account.
Hope i can share this with others, eventhough it is not a propriate way to play this game, but despite of its needs of skill leveling, some players do need to do so. And if you have a fast and good computer systems, you might even open up to 10 screen of JX2 game running at the same time. 2 way that you can do so. The fast and the slow way. :) Let you why i mention this.
First you must know where your JX2 all Programs are store on which directory. How to locate it? Simply go to the program files and you will find the Gameflier directory. If you use default installation but if you choose your own path of installation and forgot where it is, you can do this way.
Follow the step below. This is one of the way to locate the JX2 Program directory.
Step 1.
 Right click on the JX2 Online program and you will notice a menu popup, now select the Properties.
 You will see the above screen once you have click on properties. The path is exactly what the Target mentioned. Or to get there fast, simply click on the Find Target button, and it will open up the JX2 Program directory.
 Locate the filename or program called so2game.exe, the one circled above showned screenshot. Now that you found the program directory, you can choose 2 way of having a multi screen JX2.

The Fast Way : Outside anywhere on your desktop or drive, create a new folder, name it whatever you want, then copy all the files in the JX2 directory and paste it on to the folder that you've just created. Run the so2game.exe program to start the game, not the jxonline2.exe program. Cause if you run the jxonline2.exe, it will alert you that another program is running.

Why this fast way : Becos, when you are in the game, it will need to access some files, and if you run the program on the directory, you might face lagging situation eventhough you only open 2 screen of JX2.

Con : Waste disk space

The Slow Way : Right click and hold on the so2game.exe program and drag your mouse on to the desktop, then a menu will popup, select "Create Shortcut". This will create a shortcut startup on your desktop. You can use this short cut to start your game, multi or opened as many screen as you like.( depend on your system)

Why this slow way : If you have 2 screen game running on the same directory, it will read and write some data on the same directory,this will slow down the game and even might slow down your system.

Pro : Save disk space.
Tips : Whenever there is a new updates, always run the main start-up program first then only run the So2Game.exe once the updates is done.
Although this is an unfair play to others, but sometimes, when you need to harvest or hunt for something, you can't do it at the same time. Hope this tips and guide on playing multiple screen of JX2 Online game.

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